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Services Offered By Battersea Builders

Battersea buildersBattersea builders offers various services you should consider getting. These services includes house extensions, kitchen fittings, bathroom fittings and loft conversions. Before you contact a professional builder in Battersea, you should learn about those services. Read on to find out more about those services and then you can hire a builder.

1. House Extensions– Builders in Battersea can optimize the space in your home by building an extension to your house. It doesn’t matter why you want an extension, if you hire a good builder, they will discus what you want from the project and what you’re hoping to achieve. For example, you might want an extra bedroom, dining room, bathroom or another type of room. A professional builder will then provide you with an estimate, and if you accept it, then they will start building an extension and have it completed in a timely manner.

2. Kitchen Fitting– Professional builders can create the perfect kitchen for your lifestyle. It doesn’t matter if you want a brand new kitchen fitted or if you only want some of your kitchen to be remodeled, a builder can get the job done. These days, there is state of the art technology that can be used to design the perfect kitchen, which means you can rest assure you will get exactly what you want. If you want to do something different with your kitchen, then consider having a professional fit a new kitchen or remodel parts of your kitchen.

3. Bathroom Fitting– Installing bathrooms is another service offered by builders in Battersea, but you may be interested in having a wet room installed or a steam room or sauna. If that’s the case, then you should hire a builder. They will discuss what you want and then they will install the bathroom of your dreams. They will advise you on layout and design and then they will provide you with a quote of how much you can expect to pay.

Builders can install a bathroom in either your home or business, or both. It doesn’t matter what kind of bathroom you want, a professional can help you get it. All you have to do is tell them what you want and let them create a design, and then they can start working on it.

4. Loft Conversions– Loft conversions are services offered by many builders in Battersea. Converting your current attic space to a loft is a great way to make a room functional. The chances are you don’t use your attic, but when you convert it into a loft, then you’ll be able to use it as a spare bedroom or a place to go and relax for a little bit.

Loft conversions, bathroom fittings, kitchen fittings and house extensions are only a few services offered by Battersea builders. If you’re interested in any of those services or want to learn about other services, then contact a builder today. They will be more than happy to discuss your project and to provide you with an estimate.