Things to ask when choosing suitable builders


Getting the right builder is something every homeowner struggles with. This is apparently one of the things that may make a construction project seem daunting for many. Whether you’re building your home from ground up or perhaps you intend to have a simple renovation or an extension, getting the right person for the job is very important. You’ll need to get a qualified team of builders with the expertise, skills, and craftsmanship to be able to undertake the project successfully. 

With the right guidance, choosing a good builder for your project won’t be a hard task at all. For you to make an easy decision, there are some essential things you need to consider. One of the things that makes a reputable building company according to, is the workmanship they exhibit in the various projects they undertake.

This is one of the things you need to look at before deciding to hire a company for your project. Below are some important questions to ask, that can make your decisions easier when it comes to choosing the best builder:

  • What is my builder’s level of experience? Before hiring a builder it is important to determine the duration that they’ve been in business. Not only will this help you gauge the level of expertise, but you will also be able to avoid hiring any ‘cowboy builders.’
  • What other similar projects has my builder handled before? If your builder has handled any similar projects before then it can only mean that their level of expertise is unmatched. By having a look at any similar projects, you’ll also know whether your builder can successfully complete your project. 
  • Will my builder work with my budget? The budget is a very crucial aspect whenever you’re planning on undertaking any project. Everything needs to be within your budget; from the initial planning, purchase of materials to the hiring of any services or anything else that will be needed in the course of the project. No one wants to incur any unwarranted costs after all.
  • Can the builder provide their services in my location? Some building companies have limitations when it comes to areas where their services are easily accessible. It is essential to ensure that your builder has the legal permission to operate within your area. 
  • Does the builder have any schedule or work plan? From the working hours to an activity schedule, your builder should be organized enough. This will also help you estimate the duration your project is likely to take.
  • Does the builder have any portfolio for previously handled projects? A good builder should be able to confidently show you a portfolio of some of the projects completed before. In such a case you can also see the results through previous clients
  • Is my builder insured? We understand that every builder needs to work in a safe environment more so if the clients are still living in the same space. A good builder should be considerate of both the clients and builders as well. They should also be able to follow the building regulations to the latter.
  • Does my builder provide any structural warranty? Now, this varies in many building companies.  Some offer 10 to 15 years of structural guarantee whereas others may offer it for a lesser period. Either way it is crucial for all homeowners to ensure that they have the structural guarantee that will cater for any mishap that may occur upon completion of the work.
  • How will my builder update me on the progress of the project? Most of the time, a project manager is appointed as the single point of contact for the client. With a dedicated project manager at your disposal, achieving your dream home will be easier.

From what we can see, being able to answer these questions among others, will be important when it comes to choosing the perfect builder. With the perfect team of builders, achieving your dream home design will be a no-brainer.